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The Nevada Society of the Sons of the American Revolution honors our Revolutionary War patriot ancestors by promoting patriotism, serving our communities, and educating and inspiring future generations about the founding principles of our country.

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Any man shall be eligible for membership in this Society who, being of the age of eighteen years or over and a citizen of good repute in the community, is the lineal descendant of an ancestor who was at all times unfailing in loyalty to, and rendered active service in, the cause of American independence.

Latest Posts

  • Signers Chapter presented 28 ROTC/JROTC Medals
    On May 10, the last batch of 2024 ROTC/JROTC awards ceremonies were held. Chapter Vice President and Chairman of the ROTC/JROTC Awards Committee, David Bentley, is now able to wrap up his planning files, archive the records, and sit back to appreciate another successful awards season. Six chapter volunteers attended all of the 28 ceremonies, representing the chapter at the inspiring events. Medals and certificates made it to all the venues, which were presented professionally.
  • Vietnam War Veterans Honored
    At the 2024 Nevada State Annual Meeting, attendees who were Vietnam Era Veterans were presented lapel pins and certificates honoring their services.
  • DAR America 250! Commendation
    Mona Crandell Hook, Vice Regent, Nevada State DAR, presented the DAR America 250! Commendation to Jonathan Dickey and David Hess at Tuesday’s Boys Night Out. Yes, we know Mona is not a “boy”, but she has been a great friend to the boys so we granted special dispensation.
  • Signers Chapter 60th Anniversary
    The Signers Chapter celebrated its 60th anniversary at its March 2nd, 2024 meeting with a group photo, cake, and door prizes. Fifteen compatriots and two new member applicants gathered for the photo while another ten family members and friends watched. The meeting also included an in-depth historical presentation about the Las Vegas Old Mormon Fort and Ranch by speaker Lisa Leavitt Messenger, Vice President of Friends of the Fort and author of the book, The Old Ranch: A Brief History of the Las Vegas Ranch after 1902. Pictured from left to right:Don Hotchkiss Jr., David Smith, Ben Allen, David Bentley, Bill Amerman, Tim Fridan, Jeff Gutting, Gary Parriott, Tommy Thompson, Al Conant, Daniel Conant, Don McNiel, Patrick Wright, Sean Bibby, John Thalgott, Joe deBeauchamp, Gary Watson.

The SAR awards the ROTC Medal to foster the principle of the “citizen-soldier,” exemplified by the Minutemen of Revolutionary War days. This award is presented by the chapter to ROTC or JROTC cadets who are selected for having a high degree of merit with respect to leadership qualities, military bearing, and general excellence.


The 2024 Nevada Society State Annual Meeting was held April 19-20 at the Suncoast Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas. Click here for more information.

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The Sons of the American Revolution promotes patriotism, serves the community, and inspires and educates the public about the history of the American Revolution.

The Western District of the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution is composed of three state societies: California, Hawaii, and Nevada. Each year at the National Congress, a Vice President General is elected to oversee the activities of the Western District.

The Nevada State Society DAR consists of eighteen Daughters of the American Revolution chapters located around our great state. With more than 500 members statewide, the DAR in Nevada actively supports our communities through many volunteer hours each year in support of the NSDAR motto.

The Nevada State Society of the Children of the American Revolution follows the National Society philosophy in: training good citizens, developing leaders, and promoting love of the United States of America and its heritage among young people. There are two CAR chapters located throughout Nevada.

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