Signers Chapter Hall of Fame

In 2004, the Signers Chapter established the Signers Chapter Hall of Fame thanks to the generous gift from Compatriot Col Edgar St. John. This initiative honors Compatriots who have served the Signers Chapter with distinction. Compatriot St. John thoughtfully donated a permanent Hall of Fame plaque to display the names of inductees. Additionally, each inductee receives a handsome eagle trophy, a lasting symbol of their dedication.

Criteria for consideration for nomination into the Hall of Fame are:

  • Exemplary service to the chapter.
  • Years of service to the chapter.
  • Offices held in the chapter.
  • SAR awards received.

2004 – Original Inductee

The first inductee into the Signers Chapter Hall of Fame was Compatriot John E. Harney Jr. in 2004.

2006 Inductees

Pictured left to right: Compatriots C.Terry Robertson and John Harney, Jr. presenting Compatriots Col. Edgar J. St. John and Ben L. Allen with Hall of Fame recognition in 2006

2014 Inductees

The 2014 inductees into the Signers Chapter Hall of Fame were Compatriots William Jones, William Schmidt and Fred Boughton, Jr.

William Jones
William Schmidt
Fred Boughton, Jr.

2020 Inductee

In 2020 Rev. Anthony A. Perry was inducted into the Signers Chapter Hall of Fame. He spent many years, holding almost every position within the Signers Chapter and Nevada State Society before moving to Montana. He was in the Color Guard, the Awards Chairman, and in Senior leadership positions within the C.A.R. He also was responsible for numerous updates to the Nevada State Society History book.