Fife and Drum

The Mission

  • To inform our community about the ideas, events, culture, and traditions of the Revolutionary War period.
  • To preserve and perform the traditional music of colonial and early America.
  • To promote and perpetuate the art of music and fifing and drumming in particular.
  • To provide a family-friendly, intergenerational activity for northern Nevadans.
  • To inspire through our performances pride in the heritage and history of our community and nation. To be a good citizen of Washoe County and Nevada.

Why join the Fife and Drum Corps?

The purposes of the Sons of The American Revolution (SAR) include: commemorating the people and events of the American Revolution, inspiring and informing our communities about the principles on which our nation was founded, and honor, respect, and support our veterans. Similar goals are expressed in the mission statements of the Daughters of The American Revolution (DAR) and the Creed of the Children of The American Revolution (CAR). Our fife and drum corps will serve as a tangible embodiment of those purposes we will inspire the community and ourselves with the principles on which our nation was founded, and remind citizens that, despite political differences, we are Americans. We will inform the community about the events and philosophical ideals of the American Revolution as embodied in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Dressed in authentic Revolutionary War uniforms we will participate in civic events, patriotic celebrations, and veterans memorials throughout northern Nevada, providing pageantry, drama, and respect for our nation’s history. We will build bonds of friendship and personal achievement among corps members. This will be an intergenerational endeavor that will combine the wisdom and experience of the adults with the enthusiasm of the youths. It will be a highly visible organization that will cement the bonds between SAR, DAR, and CAR, and, just as importantly, enhance community awareness. We will help preserve the traditional music of colonial and early republic America.

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