Become a Member of the Sons of the American Revolution

Are you a descendant of a Revolutionary War Patriot?

The SAR preserves our American history and honors the sacrifice of our Patriot Ancestors. If you are a lineal, bloodline descendant of a man or woman who fought or served the cause for American independence, you are eligible to join.

Steps to Membership

You will need to prove your bloodline lineage. You must prove each generation from yourself to your patriot ancestor. The main idea is to show connectivity between each generation.
If your Patriot Ancestor is a “Proven Patriot,” i.e. have a DAR or SAR record on file, it may be easier for you to apply for membership. You will only have to prove the generations not covered by the SAR or DAR approved application.
For each generation not covered by a DAR or SAR application, you must provide Primary and Secondary Proof. The best way to start is by gathering up Primary Proofs, such as Birth Certificates, Death Certificates, Marriage Certificates, and Wills/Probate Records. You may also need to supply Secondary Proofs, such as Federal/State Censuses, Obituaries, and Headstone Images if you do not have sufficient Primary Proof available. We will work together on this. Supply only copies of such proofs and keep original documents. We ask for copies of these documents, not the originals as the documents will not be returned. SAR is not yet set up to receive digital documents. When you have everything ready, you will need to send the paper copies.
A Registrar can look up your Patriot on the DAR/SAR websites if you send him the following information: patriot name, DOB, DOD, places of birth and death, service information, spouse’s name, and their immediate child in your bloodline. These details are important because there are a lot of people with the same name – to find your ancestor who is one and the same, different than another Patriot with the same name.
The Application Manuals and Guides are at the link below under START YOUR APPLICATION. Please review them as you are working on your application. The guides will answer a lot of your questions on how to complete the application.
The SAR has created a New Member Onboarding webpage:

Create Your Online Account

Please create your account at The link below takes you to the Login Screen – there are 2 tabs: 1 for people who have an account, Register is to create an account.
Follow the steps in creating your account, it’s simple, name, email, a password and click on the Blue Bar that says Register.
When that is completed it will take you to a new page where you can create your User Profile with your name, address, birthdate, email, and phone number.
Once that part is done you will be ready to start entering the data for your application.

Application Process

There is menu on the left side and one of the choices says “My Applications” – click on that.
On the Far Right in Blue “Start A New Application” – Click on the Start a New Application.
Toward the top when you are in Edit Mode there are three parts: 1-Basic Info; 2-Generations; 3-Finalize

  • 1-Basic Info: [yes, it seems redundant – same information – with your name, address, email, and phone number. This is what will be printed on your application.]
  • 2-Generations: Start with yourself and enter all the information. Please enter dates this way: 15 Aug 2021 – just use the 3-letter abbreviation for each month.
    For places enter them this way: Reno/Washoe/NV no spaces, no commas.
    When you have finished entering the data for the 1st generation which is YOU, then click on the GREEN Save Generation.
    The next step is to Click on the Green Add Next Generation and so on until you finish with your Patriot Ancestor. No generations beyond the patriot ancestor are needed.
  • 3-Finalize – is where the Patriot Ancestor’s service is listed in the top box that asks for that information and in the middle is a place for the name of the Cemetery where he is buried and another box for the town/county/State. Below that is another box for the sources for your patriot ancestor’s service.

The application process costs $175 and includes your first year’s dues. It usually takes about eight weeks for the Genealogists at National to review the application.

Thank you for your interest. If you have any questions, please ask the Chapter Registrar or Nevada State Registrar.

Use this form to contact Nevada Society State Registrar Gary Watson: