Signers Chapter 60th Anniversary

The Signers Chapter celebrated its 60th anniversary at its March 2nd, 2024 meeting with a group photo, cake, and door prizes. Fifteen compatriots and two new member applicants gathered for the photo while another ten family members and friends watched. The meeting also included an in-depth historical presentation about the Las Vegas Old Mormon Fort and Ranch by speaker Lisa Leavitt Messenger, Vice President of Friends of the Fort and author of the book, The Old Ranch: A Brief History of the Las Vegas Ranch after 1902.

Pictured from left to right:
Don Hotchkiss Jr., David Smith, Ben Allen, David Bentley, Bill Amerman, Tim Fridan, Jeff Gutting, Gary Parriott, Tommy Thompson, Al Conant, Daniel Conant, Don McNiel, Patrick Wright, Sean Bibby, John Thalgott, Joe deBeauchamp, Gary Watson.

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